About BTS

Today I commonD2RQ7WP8.jpgwill talk about Bts. Bts is my favorite singer which is hiphop group in Korea. There is seven members in the group. Kim nam jun (Rapmonster), Kim seokjin (Jin), Min yoongi (Suga), Jeong Hoseok (J-Hope), Park Jimin (JImin), Kim Taehyeong (V), Jeon Jungkook(Jungkook).

They first debut was 2013 June 13th. The debut song is ‘No More Dream’.źҳno_more_dream

Last year in Billboard World Chart they was 26th with song ‘Blood Sweat Tears’.


In February 13th they made another song ‘Spring Day’ .

 The MV is:   https://www.youtube.com/user/ibighit


This all about BTS. Thank you for watching.

































About A Movie

 Today I will talk about a movie that I watched. It is Korean movie called 조작된 도시 (Fabricated City). It is about a boy who go to jail but he didn’t do anything. He came murder suddenly. His friends try to help him and finally he was free from jail. AT first time everybody didn’t believed him because there was no clues. At the and the police and his friend found the real murder and he goes to jail. After I watched it was  very fun and scary, and I also thought he was very pitiful. This was one of my favorite movie. Thank you!


Daily Life in KISH

I came KISH in this semester. Everything was new to me.

I am in 8 grade class 1. There was a lot of people.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday finish at 7 period and T
Tuesday and Thursday finish at 8 period. So I like when the class is finish early.

And I also like the store. When I am hungry I can eat some crackers and drinks. So in break time I go often.

In P.E the weather is very hot. So I don’t really like P.E too much.jl

                                                Thank you for watching!